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I kinda want to get a card game made. Thinking about trying to start it up anyway. It is an idea I had a very very long time ago that I never got to finish making because I don't really have the artistic skills to draw everything out. Nor do I have the funds to actually pay for the cards to be made (if I even knew where to go to get em made.) I tested out the game for what I had originally made and what not and it does seem to be a good one if you can figure it all out. I just need more ideas for it then I can currently come up with and better art.

If anyone is willing to help me out in any aspect of this whole thing, that would be awesome. It would be great if I could get it all started since it was one of my original ideas from way way back in the day. I may also try to find a way to make a flash version if I can figure out a way to get flash. I have a book to teach me how to use flash, but no flash. Fun, right? If anyone knows of any free programs I could use, that would be awesome as well.

Anyway, if anyone is actually interested in the game, either wanting more information about it or willing to submit art and want to know what to draw, feel free to contact me and ask about things.
yu-gi-oh-duelist Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
these people could probebly help you, it what there here for and they have info on how you can play your card game on the computer [link] there called card-games-creators so that pretty much says it all
hope this helped
yu-gi-oh-duelist Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
well i can't realy help you with your card game im afrade but i am putting a small group together to make a new card game and just thourt that if you wanted you could join us. we could use everyone we can get and you could help with idea's for the game play from your game. if your intrested the info's here [link]
as for the flash thing, i think there is a free program you can make card games on but im ot sure. i'll check it out and get back to you
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