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As I sit here and stare out the window, waiting for the skies to clear, listening to the silence drive on. Something starts to fall, rain. Water from the skies above. What is this noise I hear? Such peace from all this chaos? No wonder the trees dance with this music. I walk towards my door, it opens suddenly as my hands pull on it. My body no longer listening to the reason of my mind but following the music of the rain. Out I run! Splashing water up into the air with each step to joining the countless drops already falling. I stare up into the sky of clouds and black of night. My cloths, of little I had on, stuck to my body like glue as I stood still, feet cold, heart warm. Bright flashes of light dance around me as I walk on, my eyes closed, hands stretched out in front of me, they are my eyes. Sight did no justice to the beauty of the sound, the feeling, the smell, the taste of it all. God must pity me to have given me this joy, even for a night if only that. A bright flash, all around me, then... Black, silence, emptiness. I open my eyes, nothing to see. I smell the air, nothing. I feel for my rain, empty. Where has my joy gone? I start to cry. Why, why give me all this joy just to take it all away? Lights. I see lights. My eyes open yet again. I am laying on a table of sorts. A voice speaks about someone that has died. I wonder... Is that me? I slowly pull myself up, someone screams. I fall down off the table landing on my stomach. The pain is great. Where has the rain gone? Someone helps me up, they are out of focus, I can't see them clearly. Something said about being dead for a long time. I sleep again. Dreams wash over my body, many of rain, some of the void. What is there left in this world to give me that joy? When I wake, I am laying on a bed. I feel my heart beat as my mind figures out what still works of my body. I sit up, stand up, walk to the window, open it wide, and... Watch as the sun is setting. The clouds are gone. Home is gone. I continue to stare out the window all night no matter how much people told me to lay down and sleep, I would not leave my window. I am waiting... I am waiting... I am waiting for you.
Okay, to all that read this. First off, it was wrote as each sentience being a line to a poem, so read it as such. If not, you kind of lose the idea of how it is supposed to flow. Anyway, enjoy. Just so you know, this was wrote on a sunny day.
mizumiyu Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
LOVE it! :3
SeiichiSin Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
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September 15, 2009
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